Wednesday, September 10, 2008

John Piper to preach through John

I'm pretty excited about this. Having sat under his teaching during the 8 years or so he preached through Romans, I know this one should be just as enriching. He lists six reasons why he's going through it, but the seventh caught my attention. He says:

"Finally, I am hungry for Christ. I feel the way John Owen did near the end of his life. When he died, he was writing a book called Meditations on the Glory of Christ. He wanted to be focused on the main reality of the universe in his last years. So do I. In this book Owen said,
'The revelation...of Christ...deserves the severest of our thoughts, the best of our meditations and our utmost diligence in them.... [W]hat better preparation can there be for [our future enjoyment of the glory of Christ] than in a constant previous contemplation of that glory in the revelation that is made in the Gospel.' (Works, I, p. 275)
Amen. How better can we be made useful for the world, or ready for heaven, than to give our “best meditations and our utmost diligence” to the revelation of the glory of Christ?

No book in the Bible has a more sustained focus on the glory of Jesus Christ than the Gospel of John."


  1. That Owen book, published after his death, has been great devotional resource for me at times - so deliberate in focusing on the single most important Person and reality. It's clear he was writing first for his own devotional focus on Christ, but all throughout it's a directly beneficial exhortation to us as well. Thanks for the post.

  2. Ooh how exciting! Did you ever hear this? He gave the most wonderful response. Her response to him was the greatest though....

  3. Michael
    Thanks for the input. I really need to read more Owen

    Yeah, that inteview is phenomenal. Piper at his best.