Monday, September 08, 2008

Christian Guitar Hero?

This post is dedicated to all my worship leader friends out there. It comes from the Stuff Christians Like blog. Apparantly there is a "Christian" Guitar Hero coming out soon. And Prodigal Jon suggests that maybe "Praise Band" should come out after that. In doing so, he comes up with some hilarious elements that he would include in the game if he were creating it. It pokes fun a little bit at the worship leader stereotype that at least prevelant here in north Atlanta.


  1. One of my friends has the Christian version of Dance Dance Revolution. Dancing to Toby Mac: pretty awesome??? =]

  2. No way, Christian DDR? I will challenge you guys to a little Point of Grace dance dance any old time. :)

    David... I love that "Things Christians Say" blog! The "I will pray for you" post is so great too.

  3. Josh
    that's hilarious. I think that would be really fun at least for because of the cheesyness factor.

    Yeah, I can't believe I had never heard about it before a month or two before. He has some funny insight. And yeah that post is good.