Saturday, September 20, 2008

Abortion and a woman changed by the gospel

Ray Ortlund recently posted this video. It's a brief interview with a girl who was supposed to be aborted years ago, but survived. She's now a pro-life activist and shares a little bit of her captivating story. It's a pretty sad reality to hear what really happens to babies who survive abortions, and then are put to death outside the womb.


  1. On the topic of abortion, even many people who defend the possibility of legal abortions, they say they are not pro-abortion, but they don’t want to punish women who are in this difficult situation. In Germany a curious thing has happened. Something that reflects that legal abortion affects adversely to the country. And also that the change is possible: you can promote a culture of life with the support of the citizens, when really there is a real wish of avoid abortions. Since the liberalization of abortion in this country, the number of abortions is officially four million. For that reason, among others, children are seen as an unintended effect of having sex. Many people thought it was necessary to promote greater social acceptance of children in an aging society. And civil society acted, without waiting for action by the State to promote births. They joined several media organizations in a campaign. Interestingly, after the campaign, the birth rate has risen in Germany. The video is exciting. Look here:
    Santiago Chiva (Granada, Spain)

  2. Thanks David. I stole it for my blog for tomorrow . . . for the benefit of the two people in the world who read my blog but not yours

  3. Santiago
    Thanks for the video and your thoughts. Hopefully, we will continue to see progress in giving these babies freedom to live.

    You're welcome.