Monday, September 29, 2008

I thought we didn't have a gas shortage

Just an FYI. For most of you reading this blog, you're probably here in the metro Atlanta area. And you've surely been exposed to the craziness around the gas pumps. Well, my tank was on E today, so I've been looking out my window all day at the BP across the street to see when gas would come in. I can now report that I was victorious. But, it took some time. Here's the flow of the afternoon.

3:10 - A coworker runs down the hall to tell me she spotted the gas truck pull in to BP.
3:11 - I am in my car and in line to get gas. There are about 20 cars in front of me (that I can see).
3:40 - I have not moved an inch. People are out of their cars, wondering what's going on. I have spent the last 29 minutes playing solitaire on my phone.
3:45 - Every gets back in their car with excited faces. The gas is soon to come.
3:50 - Still no movement from anyone.
3:55 - Finally, I start move up a car length.
4:05 - I get up to the entrance of the gas station. I see the fuller story. Not only is my line trying to get gas, but two other seperate entrances (one of which I don't think is an actual entrance) are bringing cars in. At this point maybe 60 cars are at this gas station of 16 pumps.
4:13 - I'm only 7 cars away from a pump. I see maybe 2 or 3 pumps on our side are out of order. I call my friend Ashley, and we chat about various things including the craziness in the financial world the last few days. I assure her our bank is very stable.
4:22 - I've finally arrived! I begin pumping.
4:32 - 10 minutes later, I've only got about 5 gallons. It's...moving...very...slowly. Also, I text my friend who works for the governor that he should tell Mr. Perdue, that there is a gas shortage, despite what he thinks.
4:45 - gas starts spewing out the side of my car, letting me know that my car is most likely full of gas.
4:46 - I finally leave the gas station an 1 hour and 35 minutes later, after filling up 17.4 gallons costing me $78.40. Hooray!!

Now, Sonny Perdue could be telling the truth, but it just doesn't make sense that people would wait for hours to get gas just to "top off." That's just my 78 dollars and 40 cents.


  1. that was what it was like last weekend in nashville...craziness!!!

  2. Yup. Why do all of Georgia's Republican governors have to be so lame?

  3. Anonymous11:17 AM

    people can make crisis/shortage from anything. if everyone thought milk was going short, they would run and buy as much as possible (maybe a cow too) and we would create the shortage...i think that's what the govenor meant.