Thursday, May 29, 2008


Many of you know by now that I'll be headed to Thailand this Sunday, June 1st, and getting back the following Sunday. I'm going over there with 7 of the high schoolers from Perimeter Church along with a guy and girl my age, as well as my dad. We'll be staying in Bangkok and doing a lot of high school and college ministry, as well as ESL classes a couple different nights. Having never been to Asia, I'm looking forward to experiencing the many culture differences, especially regarding the Buddhist worldview that is predominant over there. Thank you to all who are supporting me this on this trip both financially and through prayer. Check back in for updates and pictures later on next week.

And for those who are interested, I've compiled a few stats about the country. Much of the info comes from the Joshua Project:

- The establishment of the Thai kingdom came in the 13th century AD
- Population = 63.5 million people
- 112 people groups
- 51 are Buddhist (50 million people)
- 9 are Muslim (5.8 million people)
- 7 are Christian (142,000 people)
- 76 people groups have less than 2% Christians (47 million people)
- 10 people groups are completely unreached (694,000 people)

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  1. david, i didn't know you were going, that's awesome! and your dad, too?! wow. can't wait to hear all about it!!