Friday, May 02, 2008

I am clean...and I am dirty

I was driving in my car two days ago listening to the song "You and I" by Shane and Shane. I've always loved that song, particularly because of the bridge. It's a wonderful picture of the gospel, particularly how we view our sin. Shane #1 sings the first part (God's words) and Shane #2 sings the second part (ours). Here's how it goes:
You are clean, I've called you clean...I am dirty
You are unworthy
I've called you clean...dirty
After that, Shane says "that's what I'm wanting." And I agree with him. I want to see myself as so messed up (becuase I actually am) and then hear God saying He's wiped it all away through Christ. I am dirty...but I now also have been given the righteousness of Christ. That's the gospel. And it's beautiful.

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