Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Attention spans

Al Mohler comments on an interesting article about attention spans in this digital age. Here's a snippet from the original writer, Courtney Martin. (She made these observations after visiting her alma mater, Columbia University)
"Take those Facebook-surfing students, missing out on a potentially life-changing lecture about war and courage. Their diffused attention isn't criminal, but it certainly doesn't do justice to professor Dalton's lectures, their own potential for learning, or the $51,976 they or their parents are paying for a year of Ivy League education. They mirror something very real in most peoples' lives--the sense that your life is happening 'to you,' instead of feeling truly intentional about how, with whom, and on what you spend your time."
As easy as it is to point fingers to others, I realize that I've become increasingly vulnerable to all of this. I find myself more and more distracted by different "things."

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