Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Review of The Shack

Having not read the book yet, Tim Challies provides an excellent review on what the book is all about. Having read the review, I doubt I will venture into reading the book. I suppose you'll see why...


  1. I printed the review and will read it. Thanks for bringing it up.

    I wish Challies had reviewed Wild at Heart . . . maybe he could have saved me a lot of writing time!

    You've referenced Challies often enough that I've added him to my Bloglines subscriptions. Thanks.

  2. Highly recommended by Nate Shattuck...it's next on my reading list. Much like reading Wild at Heart can be beneficial when read through a Scriptural lens, I'm betting this can too.

  3. Ummm, there is no Scriptural lens through which Wild at Heart can be read. Blinders maybe, but no lens.

  4. Anonymous2:13 PM

    dave, i think you should read the shack. i'll talk to you about why later.

  5. anonymous - ok...maybe. Who is this?