Saturday, May 23, 2009

Political sway in movies

Adbusters has an intriguing article analyzing the movie industry and how much politics have to do with the movies that come out. The article focuses on movies like Pearl Harbor, United 93, Australia, and a few others. It mentions how business gurus like Rupert Murdoch have more to do with what movies come out than you might think. Here's the conclusion:
"To understand what might happen if big business interests were less prevalent in the film industry, consider the independent distributor Lions Gate Films. Lions Gate was formed in Canada by an investment banker, but is not beholden to a multi-billion dollar parent corporation with multifarious interests. The result has been some of the most daring and original popular political cinema of the past ten years: American Psycho, which criticized corporate capitalism; Hotel Rwanda, which highlighted the failings of US foreign policy and Lord of War, which focused on the arms trade.

As we peer up from our popcorn, it is worth remembering that behind the magic of the movies lurks the darker power of corporate public relations."

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