Friday, May 22, 2009

Mike Tyson on humility

Mike Tyson was recently on Jimmy Kimmel Live. The interview was pretty interesting. Tyson definitely seems like a different guy than he used to be. He attributes the change to humility and thinking less of himself. I'm not sure if it's Christ wrought humility, but it at least shows how humility affects our lives.

Kimmel comments that over the recent years Tyson seems happier and jollier. Tyson responds:
"I have a great deal of gratitude and I think that put it all in perspective. I'm trying my best, and it's hard, I'm trying not to be so self-absorbed any more. Because when it's all about me, that's when all the problems- when I allow my will to run riot- out here, when it's all about me, when nobody else's feelings matter, that's when it doesn't associate with anything good."
He goes on:
"If I continue to think I'm some great, megalomaniac fighter guy, then I'll fall back into that rut again. I try desperately hard to be humble. Because I'm humble doesn't mean I'm weak by any means. I'm still a man. But I try, because I know when my ego and my being self-absorbed, I know where that will take me, it will take me to a very dark place. I'm really not willing to go there any more. This is the first time in my life where I've been truly responsible to take care of myself"
Check out the video here

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