Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Creation pointing to God the Creator

These last few weeks in my Systematic Theology class, we've dealt with the subject of creation. My professor has made clear that the creation account in Genesis 1 & 2 is not meant to explain how or when God created, but why. He's also mentioned that the creation narrative is such a mysterious thing that people used to have to wait until they were thirty years old to read it!

Calvin, in his Institutes (I.XVI.XXII), does a great job at directing our hearts to what is important when we see God as Creator:
"whenever we call God the Creator of heaven and earth, let us at the same time bear in mind that the dispensation of all those things which he has made is in his own hand and power and that we are indeed his children, whom he has received into his faithful protection to nourish and educate. We are therefore to await the fullness of all good things form him alone and to trust completely that he will never leave us destitute of what we need for salvation, and to hang our hopes on none but him! We are therefore, also, to petition him for whatever we desire; and we are to recognize as a blessing from him, and thankfully to acknowledge, every benefit that fall to our share. So, invited by the great sweetness of his beneficence and goodness, let us study to love and serve him with all our heart."

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    man, what a writer. i wish we had stuff around like this instead of fluffy junk and how-to books.