Monday, May 11, 2009

Confessions of an approval addict

Regarding this blog, a friend recently encouraged me to add some more of my own comments and insight when I post quotes from other sources. I agree with him. Actually, my original intention for this blog was to have an outlet to write and give my thoughts in an environment where others could read and possibly disagree with me. I did want to update people on my life and as well as point people to quotes and resources that were helpful. But, I really wanted to force myself to write in a public venue.

You see, I'm an approval addict. I have been for a long time. I want to make everyone like me and I don't want anyone to disagree with me. I also don't want anyone to dislike the thoughts that I put out there. That's the reason that my own words have become less common here. Instead of embracing the disagreement and possible dislike of my posts, over time I've shielded myself by just not writing much.

So, the goal is start putting more of my own thoughts out there. By doing this, and possibly getting disagreement and disinterest from others, I'll face that fact that I don't need to make everyone like me. I have the approval of the only being in the universe who's opinion ultimately matters. In Christ, God has set his affection on me as a son and has given me the approval that my wayward heart longs for.

Obviously this blog is just one avenue in the many ways I interact with the world around me, so I hope in all areas of my life I continue to rest in the knowledge of His love for me. But, specifically with this blog, my goal is to have more of my thoughts out there.

And by the way, thanks for reading.


  1. Anonymous11:13 AM

    i disagree...jk. i have long thought that your blog isn't really a blog, but more of a news reel of conservative, reformed Christianity- which is a good thing. i am looking forward to your new programming and will continue to read no matter the content...unless it's porn, witchcraft, etc.

  2. As a fellow approval addict, I will admit that this has been so heavy on my heart lately. I am so concerned with meeting peoples needs, expectations, and being well liked by everyone! Instead of constantly trying to impress, I am learning to listen. If I don't hand my relationships over to him, my caring for friends/fam becomes a glorification of my own ideas and sympathies. I am learning to make that deliberate substitution of God's interest in them for my own silly ideas on how to advise them well, impress them, please them, meet their needs.
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  3. Thanks for sharing this David, I'm looking forward to reading more originals!