Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Louie Giglio on Passion City Church

Louie Giglio recently did an interview with Christianity Today about the planting of Passion City Church here in Atlanta. It helped me understand a little bit more of where he's coming from. Check it out

Here's one question and answer:
Why are you planting a new church in Atlanta?

In my heart something has been changing and turning for about the last five years. Christ died for the local church. While I've spoken at many of them, and Passion has influenced them around the world, I want to be able to lay down at the feet of Jesus and say I gave it a shot—I tried to build into the local community of faith that he gave his life for, that he loved, and that he believed is the best agent for change in the world.

It's about a man who wants to be obedient to God. It's about me, at 50, hearing the voice of God and saying yes, I will follow that.
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  1. I agree that helps. I still have questions about this whole thing. I was encouraged when they had the first service at the tabernacle (not only because it is my favorite venue). A big church just does not seem as needed in north atlanta. Not as encouraged by the easter service being at verizon. Lakewood would be better for my thoughts in regard to need.

  2. Anonymous12:08 PM

    the quote should read "and me, at 50 [with a faux-hawk]..."

  3. Robert and Ethan
    I agree