Friday, February 13, 2009

Doubt: making hope that much sweeter

If you're like me, and you sometimes wrestle with doubt, you probably feel isolated in those moments. Like you're the only one who has ever thought the things you are thinking, or that a "good Christian" wouldn't have these experiences. Of course, that is not the case.

Jon Bloom, over at the Desiring God blog, explains the story of how Jesus graciously deals with the doubt John the Baptist experienced. And he concludes this way:
"In this age, even the greatest, strongest saints experience deep darkness. None of us are spared sorrow or satanic oppression. Most of us suffer agonizing affliction at some point. Most of us will experience seasons when we feel as if we’ve been abandoned. Most of us will die hard deaths.

The Savior does not break the bruised reed. He hears our pleas for help and is patient with our doubts. He does not condemn us. He has paid completely for any sin that is exposed in our pain.

He does not always answer with the speed we desire, nor is his answer always the deliverance we hope for. But he will always send the help that is needed. His grace will always be sufficient for those who trust him. The hope we taste in the promises we trust will often be the sweetest thing we experience in this age. And his reward will be beyond our imagination.

In John’s darkness and pain Jesus sent a promise to sustain John’s faith. He will do the same for you."
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  1. Katie Olson10:59 AM

    i love this, david. someone who battles doubt quite often (like myself) needs to be reminded of this daily.

    i also find comfort in matthew 28:17, when some of the disciples (who were in the physical presence of jesus!) also doubted.

    thanks for the encouragement, friend..

    katie o

  2. Thanks for your thoughts Katie. I'm glad you were encouraged.