Sunday, February 01, 2009

Strobel asks questions of atheists

In Part 3 of an ongoing series at Friendly Atheist blog, Lee Strobel responds to this question:"What argument is most convincing to plant the seeds of doubt (or, rather, faith) in an atheists mind?" He does this by citing several people and questions they have for atheists. I'd encourage to read the whole thing and the comments, but here's my favorite part:
"I didn’t email Alvin Plantinga, considered by many to be among the greatest philosophers of modern times. But based on his assertion that naturalism is self-defeating, we could formulate this question (thanks to William Lane Craig for some of the concise wording): If our cognitive faculties were selected for survival, not for truth, then how can we have any confidence, for example, that our beliefs about the reality of physical objects are true or that naturalism itself is true? (By contrast, theism says God has designed our cognitive faculties in such a way that, when functioning properly in an appropriate environment, they deliver true beliefs about the world.)"

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