Thursday, January 17, 2008

There will be blood

It seems everywhere I turn I run into reviews about how incredible this movie is. Yet, when I tell most people about it, no one seems to know what it is. That's mainly because it is only in a limited amount of theaters right now and isn't being marketed all that much. (If you are in Atlanta, you can check it out at Tara Cinemas, which I hopefully will be able to do shortly).

So, because of the lack of awareness, I thought I'd post some information on it. It stars Daniel Day Lewis and was produced by Paul Thomas Anderson. Roughly, it's about a man who is in the oil business, who obtains some land in southern California. Drama ensues.
Paste Magazine had this to say in it's latest issue about it:
"There Will be Blood is a staggering exploration of how capitalism and religion shaped the American frontier at the turn of the century
"There Will be Blood is not a film about oil or prospecting or the allure of endless cash: the movie focuses sometimes distractingly --on one man's epic ascent and crumble."

and finally
"There Will be Blood is still an incredibly significant film--the most significant of Anderson's career--and it manages to say an awful lot about American character, then and now.

Check out the trailer here.

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