Wednesday, January 02, 2008

San Di-ago (or Saint Diego)

As I said yesterday, I went to San Diego to visit the Carluccios last weekend. I had yet to visit David since he moved out there last winter to join the Navy. And I had never actually been to San Diego. I had a blast.

Friday, when I got in, Looch and I played some golf and he took me by an obstacle course on one of the naval bases. I tried some of it, and it was quite difficult. We then visited most of Coronado island and I got to see why I had been told to see it. It's a really cool place. Saturday, they both took me all over different parts of the city. We mainly went up and down the coast, getting to see seals and surfers and some nice houses.

Because he got the 2nd to last Wii in San Diego before Christmas, no lie, we got to play some Tiger Woods that afternoon. That night they took me downtown to eat at a really great seafood place. It was probably one of my favorite downtown scenes because of all the restaurants, bars, and shops everywhere. As I've explained, it's a good mix somewhere between New York CIty and Athens, GA.

Sunday, they took me to the church they attend, Kaleo Church. I really enjoyed meeting the people I met, including Drew. And the gospel was brought. Two qualities of a solid church. That night, we played some more Wii, watched some of the Office, and ate some of Allison's awesome shredded BBQ chicken! Basically, I was very glad I got to get out there and catch up with them both.

Enjoy the pics below, and check out more of them here.
Here's Looch looking out at the ocean

Here's Looch and I at Torrey Pines.

Looch and Allison

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