Monday, August 06, 2007

Bourne Ultimatum

I don't have much to say except that this movie is exceptional. You should go see it. I like Jason Bourne's character for many reasons. He exudes confidence in humility. He shows his ability to kick serious butt, while doing it almost apologetically.

It's very redemptive throughout this trilogy as he is struggling to find out who he really is. He finds out his real name in this movie. I couldn't help but reflect on my own journey of trying to find out who I really am. How my flesh is struggling to keep me in a zombie-like state, indifference to Truth. While God is telling me that I am His.


  1. saw it last night...AMAZING of course. :)

  2. This movie was great! ...Though I did have trouble falling asleep that night because my mind was still in fast paced Jason Bourne mode.