Monday, March 01, 2010

The Importance of Good Friends

Roy posted some great thoughts concerning what he has learned about men and women:
When men do not connect/hang/love other men they:
  • don’t lead
  • their aspirations fizzle
  • they stare at porn
  • they get fat and watch reality TV with their wife or girlfriend
  • we never meet expectations, not even our own
When women do not connect/hang/love other women they;
  • become nags
  • they crave control, if they lose it they become more of #1
  • they hate both men and women
  • their expectations get higher, no-one can ever meet them
In the end this boils down to where the gospel is meeting you….and if you are meeting with the gospel I believe it eventually leads to healthy same-sex relationships.

**the presupposition is that you have good friends...

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