Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Tim Keller's Impact Through Preaching

Tim Keller is a pastor in NYC for whom I am incredibly grateful. I started listening to him toward the end of my (first) senior year at UGA. I gradually started listening to him more and more and eventually he became a staple for me (along with Piper), listening to him during my longer car rides.

I appreciate him because he is one of the best I've ever heard at drawing out and articulating the truths of the gospel. He is incredible at taking people in the OT and showing how Christ is the true and better one. And I love the way he infuses history, philosophy, music, film, literature, and pop culture into his sermons to show how the beauty of Christ is central in all things.

In the old days his sermons cost a couple of bucks off the website, but recently a large amount have been made free through two main avenues. The first is a site that has 150 free sermons that are categorized in nine different sections. The second and most recent way to get his sermons is through a iTunes podcast. The podcast is posting 6-7 per week. Though there is some overlap between the podcast and the free sermon archive, there are usually a couple each week that are unique to the podcast.

Here are just a few of my favorites that I recommend listening to:

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  1. He spoke at our church last month, I really appreciated the sermon.