Thursday, April 30, 2009

Intrusion Ethics and Hosea

If I understand it correctly, Intrusion Ethics is the idea that God will sometimes command things that are contrary to laws previously given in order to essentially reveal the radical nature of the gospel. For instance, in the story of Hosea:
"the Lord commanded Hosea to marry the harlot, Gomer. In so doing, God was again anticipating an ethical principle entailed in his saving of the elect...If Hosea is offended by the command to take Gomer to wife now, he will be unable later to participate in the great marriage celebration of the Lamb. But blessed is Hosea if he is not offended, for then he will anticipatively exhibit in his marriage the consummation of God's grace to be realized when the holy One and undefiled receives a church-bride composed of a multitude of defiled sinners to be his own." - Meredith Kline, Structure of Biblical Authority

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