Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Will the Church be the Church for Homosexual Christians?

This article, entitled “A Few Like You”: Will the Church be the Church for Homosexual Christians?, is written by a guy named Wesley Hill. It is a great look into what it's like to be a Christian who struggles with same-sex desires. At one point, he says this:
"If it weren’t for other people, I don’t think I’d make it. For me to live faithfully before God as a sexually-abstinent homosexual Christian must be to trust that God in Christ can meet me in my loneliness not simply with God’s own love but with God’s love mediated through the human faces and arms of my fellow believers."
(HT:Justin Taylor)

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  1. A few weeks ago, I was invited by college girls (mostly freshmen) to sit in on their bible study. The question of how to love non believing homosexuals came up and we talked about it for hours.

    The girls came to the conclusion that the real way to love is to share the Gospel-- show God's love this way and not try to change them. But we were all a little short-sighted about what happens after our gay and lesbian friends become believers. Somehow, we expected that they would change quickly--victory over sin and all. Which does not offer much hope to anyone struggling with this. I offered up an observation that many gays I've gotten to know come from strong Christian families.

    Thanks for the Wesley Hill article, I will print it up to share with the group leaders, because it takes the perspective from the other side that we don't hear very often because of the barriers often encountered against this kind of honesty.