Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Why Peter Singer makes the New Atheists nervous

Dinesh D'Souza wrote a great article yesterday about Peter Singer. Singer is an atheist that seems to make the "new atheists" nervous:
"Some of Singer's critics have called him a Nazi and compared his proposals to Hitler's schemes for eliminating those perceived as unwanted and unfit. A careful reading of his work, however, shows that Singer is no Hitler. He doesn't want state-sponsored killings. Rather, he wants the decision to kill to be made by private individuals like you and me. Instead of government-conducted genocide, Singer favors free-market homicide.

Why haven't the atheists embraced Peter Singer? I suspect it is because they fear that his unpalatable views will discredit the cause of atheism. What they haven't considered, however, is whether Singer, virtually alone among their numbers, is uncompromisingly working out the implications of living in a truly secular society, one completely purged of Christian and transcendental foundations. In Singer, we may be witnessing someone both horrifying and yet somehow refreshing: an intellectually honest atheist."
(HT:Justin Taylor)


  1. I read Peter Singer's 'Animal Liberation' and it's f-ing nutz! It's on my shelf, go read it or skim the chapter headings - wow. He introduced a term speciecism in that book I believe which is both fascinating and absurd. thanks for posting.

  2. Roy
    I'll have to check that out