Tuesday, October 07, 2008


reformed, gospel-centered lyrics + dang good hip hop = Lecrae

If you don't already know, check him out. He's has the #5 best-selling hip hop album right now in Itunes, with Rebel. Also, Mark Driscoll sits down with him for a really interesting interview here

Check out these lyrics from a great song called Fanatic:
The world's trying to tidy up, exfoliate they skin
but only Christ can come and exfoliate they sin
And they fate look grim, If they don't take him
As the high priest he is to mediate they sin
The world's got to many Gods, man we choose the one
From hebrews, he rules, he bruised his son
Thanks Roy


  1. David, that IS a really interesting interview. Not to mention crazy cool that he's a best selling hip hop artist with those lyrics! Have you ever listened to Lauryn Hill's unplugged album? I think she recorded it on MTV a few years ago, and though it got some less than spectacular reviews from the population at large, I loved it! Its def a little bit heavy at times, but very saturated with truth and really, i think, refreshing because of the rawness of her lyrics. The lyrics are also a little more cryptic than this guy's, but man, really amazing and poignant. Anyhoo, check her out!

  2. LT
    I haven't listend to much of Lauryn Hill's stuff. But I have heard good things. I'll have to check it out. Thanks.