Friday, October 17, 2008

Church Membership: Entering the Covenant Community

Russell Moore gives some good advice to college students about the importance of joining a church on top of whatever ministry they might be in. It ends up being good biblical advice to many people outside of college as well who don't feel church membership is all that important.
"The reason many college students identify primarily with a campus ministry rather than with a church is not because of any flaw in most campus ministry organizations. It is because, too often, we evangelical Christians have a deficient view of the church. We assume that it is any gathering of people who believe in Jesus and who do churchly things. Many Christians assume the church exists simply to help us learn more about Christ and pool our resources for missions. If that's the case, a campus ministry can do all those things, and more. But the Scriptures tell us the church is much more than that."
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(HT:Tim Challies)

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