Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Our Bodies are Confused

If you have never read Dave Barry's columns before, you should. They're pretty funny. After my daily stop by Tim's blog, I read a few articles that he had pointed out. I read this one from a couple of years ago and laughed out loud, which I rarely do when reading anything. Here's a section of it:
"The problem with human bodies is that they're based on a design that is eons old. Our bodies believe that any day now, we'll have another Ice Age, and there won't be any more food, so they need to store up lots of fat. So while our brains are in the 21st century, wanting desperately to lose weight, forcing us to eat salads and engage in bizarre cult activities such as ''Pilates,'' our bodies are back in 12,000 B.C., thinking: ``I made 6 more ounces of fat today! Bring on the glaciers!''

It would be great if we could explain to our bodies that times have changed, and they no longer need to make so much fat. Recently, medical researchers tried to accomplish this by having a group of overweight people eat calendars clearly indicating that the current year is 2003. Their bodies turned these into fat."


  1. Bahaha! Something has got to pretty be funny to get an audible chuckle out of me when reading. This got one. Thanks for the awesome Chesterton quote on my blog!

  2. The funniest Dave Barry column I've read was about the exploding whale. I haven't been able to locate the unedited column, but the news video of the actual event is hilarious in its own right. I think I may post it on my own blog.
    Oregon, 1970 . . .