Friday, February 15, 2008


Well, I'm back from Steamboat Springs, CO. We had a great time skiing, well I guess a few of us did. Roy didn't much like it. My mom had the flu all week. And my dad got sick toward the end, so he only skied two days. So I guess a couple of us had a good time skiing. My buddy Zach and his friend Rob were able to come out and ski with us one day, which was cool. Check out this video for one of his crazy stunts.

Some interesting facts about Steamboat while we were there.:
1) Steamboat, up until our first day of skiing, had not seen the sun since December 1st.
2) It had already received 300 inches of snow, which is what it usually gets for the entire season

This means we had some incredible powder to ski on!

Alright, now on to some pictures.

Here's Kara and I in the Gondola square area right outside of our condo.


I'm about to ski on some of the best snow ever...and I'm about to eat it

And check out all of them here.

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