Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Identity Problem

Ray Ortlund posted a great quote that I wanted to pass on. I feel like this so much of the time.
"We are trying to be several selves at once, without all our selves being organized by a single, mastering Life within us. Each of us tends to be, not a single self, but a whole committee of selves. There is the civic self, the parental self, the financial self, the religious self, the society self, the professional self, the literary self. And each of our selves is in turn a rank individualist, not cooperative but shouting out his vote loudly for himself when the voting time comes. . . . We are not integrated. We are distraught. We feel honestly the pull of many obligations and try to fulfill them all. And we are unhappy, uneasy, strained, oppressed, and fearful we shall be shallow. For over the margins of life comes a whisper, a faint call, a premonition of richer living which we know we are passing by."

Thomas R. Kelly, A Testament of Devotion, pages 114-115.

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  1. Anonymous10:09 AM

    Hello again. It's been quite some time. But I wanted to share this something with you, something I wrote.

    "my Savior died there for me"

    What is this display of love I see?
    Greater love than e'er I dreamed!
    He took my sins up on that tree,
    My pain, my guilt, my shame to free.

    My Savior died there for me,
    On those beams where I should be.

    He fixed His eyes on Calvary,
    And set His face like flint to be
    A sacrifice for all of these
    Who would trust none but Thee.

    My Savior died there for me,
    On those beams where I should be.

    Sunlight never graced that day
    When the Father looked away.
    Sin so ugly on the face
    Of the One who took my place.

    Gray the sky and black the Sun,
    It seemed as if death had won,
    When they took Him off the tree,
    Where my Savior died for me.

    They laid Him in a tomb to sleep,
    The future now looked so bleak.
    Had death won the victory?
    Did my Savior die for me?

    One day, one night and once more,
    Darkness loomed behind the door
    Where He laid who claimed to be
    My Savior now unsure it seemed.

    And then the Day, oh glorious morn!
    When the tomb's seal was torn.
    Empty inside and now I see
    That Death had lost the victory.

    Because He rose He proved to be
    My Savior who had died for me.
    Defeating sin and death's sting
    And becoming rightful king -

    The King who died there for me
    on those beams where I should be.

    My sin no longer keeps me chained,
    And death is now only gain.
    Though once called an enemy,
    My Savior's death now counts for me.

    My Savior died there for me,
    on those beams where I should be.