Saturday, February 16, 2008

The New Atheism and Al Mohler

Al Mohler, president of Southern Baptist seminary in Lexington, recently did a speaking series on the "new atheism" at Dallas Theological Seminary. They are incredibly helpful at summarizing what exactly this movement is all about.

1. The New Atheism and The Endgame of Secularism = An introduction into the movement
2. The New Atheism and The Assault on Theism = Mohler talks about Daniel Dennett and Richard Dawkins
3. The New Atheism and The Defense of Theism = Mohler talks about Sam Harris and Christopher Hitchens
4. The New Atheism and The Future of Christianity = A great conclusion summarizing the other 3 messages

Here were some interesting sound bites:
"We live among people who believe in belief" which most new atheists would say is one step closer to their side.

"Agnostics are failed believers and liberal Christians are failed unbelievers"

The new atheists would say that, concerning worldviews, "there is really only atheism and biblical theism, nothing in between."

Also, for a blogger who will allow you good insight into this world of atheism, check out Friendly Atheist

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