Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Thankful for community

Ecclesiastes chapter 4 talks about how two are better than one. Well...I agree. Community is a wonderful thing. This is a picture of my discipleship group. We just came back from Lake Hartwell this past weekend. It was a great time of riding waverunners, playing poker, and making up random games using a tennis ball. Things that all create great bonding time between men.

We just got done meeting together tonight. We had great conversation about where God has us right now as single men. It's great to be able to share with a group of guys beyond the superficial conversation most of us partake in throughout the day. To have a group where you can share struggles openly and bear one another's burdens is a huge blessing, and one that should be taken advantage of.

My encouragement, if you don't have a group of men or women who know you well and can speak truth lovingly into your life, is to please get one. No man is an island. Even though it's scary to be vulnerable, you will come to know God in deeper, fuller ways because of it.


  1. Sounds great. Can I be in your group?

  2. Hear hear David...I've always said if you can't have a group of guys to share that stuff with, then at least one or two! Iron sharpening iron.

  3. just read this in a book this morning @ community...

    "Christianity is about the life of the Trinity released in human community. But the doorway into that life is death, and death is always painful. When Jesus died, He died alone. There is no greater pain. When we die to ourselves, we're to do it together, with our community. There is no stronger bonding... We are strongly inclined, among other things, to depend on ourselves
    and prove that we have something of value within us, to come up with a manageable plan to handle life's challenges, to protect ourselves from
    whatever might frustrate that plan, and to experience a sense of internal well-being that we were designed to enjoy... Our communities are filled with people desperate to unburden themselves in the presence of another, to be known at a level where the only antidote to disdain is grace, to sink beneath death's dark waters while in the grip of strong hands that promise to raise them up into newness of life..."

    so thankful that we were created to do life with others. i'm excited for you and the community you've found!! :)

  4. Nice... hope to catch up soon.