Thursday, June 21, 2007

Heading to Egypt

Tomorrow, I will be on a plane heading to Egypt. I'm going with a team from the Gathering at Perimeter Church. We'll spend the first few days checking out the normal sights. Then we'll head down south of Cairo to a missions conference. And our last few days will be spent with the Zabbaleen people, who are basically the garbage collectors of Cairo.

Thanks to all who helped make this trip possible for me by supporting me financially. And thanks to all who will help sustain me on this trip by praying for me. My prayer for myself and for my team is to be radically changed. To come to know better the God of the Arabic Christians, who aren't Christians because of heritage or because it will create a comfortable life (FAR FROM IT), but believe because it is Truth. I desire my heart to be lifted it from it's cold state and to experience the wonder of who God is by seeing Him working among the believers in Egypt, and seeing Him afresh in His living Word. I desire humility. I desire to grieve over the nations as God does, wanting them to be reconciled to their Maker.


  1. you got it pal, will do!

  2. Sounds great. Looking forward to hearing updates when you return (or maybe before, i guess).