Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Egpyt part 1

Right now I'm sitting outside at a conference center in Wadi, Egpyt, about 100 miles south of Cairo. It's probably about 105 degrees right now, out of the sun. So far, the trip has been great. Up to this point, we've mainly done sight seeing things, but last night began a three day conference that we will be attending here in Wadi. The conference has in attendance people from many different countries, and it is focused on how to reach the Muslim world for Christ.

Probably the coolest moment I've had so far is being among several thousand Egyptian Christians in Kasr Church, as we worshipped together the name of Christ. Knowing how much it cost them to be a believer among the Muslim population of Cairo is truly awe-inspiring.

I'm not able to post pictures right now, but I'll be sure to post some as soon as I return. Thanks again to those who are praying for me and to those who supported me financially to be able to come. God bless.

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