Thursday, November 23, 2006


In reviewing a book I read recently, "How should we then live?" by Francis Schaeffer, I was reminded again on how important it is to understand the worldview that each and every one of us have. Living in America, we are shaped constantly by the idea that man is the center and that there is no absolute truth that give a foundation for the way we live. This book starts in Ancient Rome and travels to today's postmodern era. He points out how the philosophy held by the people of the time ended up spilling over into the arts (music, literature, and paintings), but most importantly into their own actions. Most people today don't consider how much their own beliefs really shape their life, so they do very little to try and align these beliefs with Truth. John Mayer makes a great statement that "everyone believes, from emptiness to everything." I want to live in such a way that reflects a deeply rooted in the Truth revealed in the Bible. Schaeffer points out that "as Christians we are not only to know the right worldview, the worldview that tells us the truth of what is, but consciously to act upon that worldview so as to influence society in all its parts and facets across the whole spectrum of life." But what does that look like? Please post your thoughts.


  1. Anonymous4:07 PM

    Ballard's comments about Tollkein being the "most converted" man strike me as very relevant to this question. The gospel should inform and shape our relationships and interactions with people and the culture in such a way that they are constantly confronted with the life and character of Jesus. They cannot escape it- not because we control the culture and dominate it, but because the story is written all over our lives, our conversations, and our creativity.