Sunday, November 26, 2006


"We are not made happy by what we acquire, but by what we appreciate."

I heard this statement earlier this week while listening to a podcast. That's profound isn't it? It seems like such a backwards statement, especially living here in the US, but I believe it's right on. Now the question is, what object of appreciation should satisfy us the most? Well...

I went to see a man by the name of Ravi Zacharias speak this morning at a local church. He spoke on this idea of worship. He talked about how there is a huge problem of boredom these days, especially among the younger generation. We all try to fill up our schedules with distraction after distraction. The problem isn't with our planners, but with our hearts. If our hearts aren't admiring the one being that we were meant to worship, namely Jesus Christ, then everything else ends up being empty.

But, my heart is an idol factory. If I don't spend time appreciating who Christ is, I find I easily move to anything else in my path.


  1. Anonymous5:46 PM

    good blog. jealous that i did not get to go with you to go hear him.

    regarding our paths - how are they made straight? why is that the seemingly short way round leaves me lost and rarely able to trace my steps to where I came? also, the context of path presumes a reference point - both a beginning and a destination - what must be in order to know exactly either/both of those reference points?
    thats it for now. i am on a major caffeine high.

  2. great thoughts,, makes me think of that song we sang the other week about Jesus being our center,--then everything else will be in its right place

  3. i spent the night on his floor one night when i was 13. really random, a friend of mine was dating his daughter. at the time i had no idea how cool it was that i was sleeping in his house. he has the coolest sheep dog.