Thursday, August 12, 2010

My Enjoyment of Dancing

And David danced before the LORD with all his might. - 2 Samuel 6:14
I really love to dance. This past weekend I was in West Virginia for the wedding of my good friends Garrett and Allison. It was a special and memorable time and I was glad to be able to celebrate with them. And I think I most enjoyed and best took part in that celebration on the dance floor.

I probably should clarify what I mean by dancing. I don't mean swing, box step, or other similar styles of dance. These are fine and I take part in them from time to time. But what I'm talking about is when an upbeat song gets a hold of a person deep within them and causes their body to ebb and flow with the beat. Whether in my room, in my car, or on a dance floor somewhere, this is what I mean by dancing. And lately, many trips to MJQ along with some rocking wedding receptions have provided the ability to let loose in this way.

I can look over the last several years and see great evidences of God's work in my life through my enjoyment of dancing. Because my idol of choice is seeking approval, I've struggled a lot with anxiety and a lack of confidence in front of people. But sometimes, with the right company and the right music, I'm able forget where I am and just dance with unreserved passion. And it is a freeing thing, something that makes me feel full of life and grateful to God for such a wonderful invention.


  1. though i think pam would be disappointed in our lack of technique from ballroom class - i must say, if you leave a sweaty mess it always means the dancing was good. SUCH a fun wedding & great to bust a move w/ you guys!! :)

  2. Yeah, just don't tell Pam. That was the sweatiest I've been in a while on the dance floor. I guess that means it was extra good. Good to hang and dance with you too.