Friday, July 10, 2009

A different definition of success

Tonight, I started my Church and the World class at RTS. We talked about the idea of calling and success for the Christian. From the parable of the talents we see that Jesus rewards faithful service, not necessarily a big return for Him. That's a hard thing to really believe because of how pervasive the idea of the importance of a large impact is in the Western world.

Through this, I was reminded by a video my friend Bert posted on his blog a couple of days ago. It's about a man who was faithful in God's call on his life. He didn't quite know the impact he had...but his name is famous in heaven. It's an incredible story that hopefully will encourage you to be faithful to what God calls you too even though you might not necessarily see a lot of fruit. Check it out (If you get impatient, at least watch from the 6:00 mark):


  1. Hope you enjoy the class. I've only taken a few, but that's the one I enjoyed the most, and go back to in notes, or at least in my mind, the most. Would love to discuss sometime.

  2. I've heard the story before, I think maybe in a talk by Lorne Sanny, though it could have been someone else. It's a good story.

    What are the texts for the class you're taking?

  3. Michael
    Thanks man. Yeah, I'd love to discuss it sometime as well.

    We're mainly reading Christ and Culture by Neibuhr. But we're also reading Gospel in a Pluralist Society by Newbiggin, Eyes Wide Open by Romanowski, and To Live in Peace by Gornik.

  4. I've got D.A. Carson's follow-up to the Neibuhr. Hope to read it soon.