Tuesday, January 13, 2009

More on Facebook and narcissism

In the same vein as my last couple of posts, Roy's post yesterday was a good one.
"...our Facebook profile has worked itself into another ‘mirror’ in our life. Many of us/me are in love with our profile, our reflection. Our friends, favorite books, quotes, or where we have been as all worked us over."


  1. So why don't we all decide to look at our profiles as a reflection on not ourselves, but on the blessings that God has poured out on us...

    The friends he's given us for so many years.

    The ability to travel when most people in the world only have the view from their own city.

    The photos that remind us of every minute of our lives being a gift that God gives us to live life with those we love.

    Its our choice.

    Selfishness and Selflessness are actually a simple decision in the detailed moments of our lives.

    Thank God we have Facebook as a daily (for some many many time daily) reminder to praise the Lord for the lives He's given us!

  2. Facebook has helped me connect with my nieces and nephews, to see a glimpse of their everyday lives that they live across the country from me. Because our family is so spread out, it is hard to be in touch and involved at a deep level, especially now that that some of the kids are in college.

    My husband and I are involved with internationals, and Facebook has been helpful in staying in touch while they go through re-entry back at their home countries--a hard transition for most of them.

    And my non-Christian friends get a glimpse of the community I have with my church that they would not get through my blog or a website.

    Like anything we are given, as Pamela so wisely said, selfishness and selflessness are actually decisions on how we use things. The problem isn't with your Facebook, the problem is with your heart.

  3. Anonymous11:04 AM

    would you post something...i have nothing to read during homeroom.

  4. Pam and Althea - Thanks for responding. I very much agree with the things you both said. Facebook has been very useful to me as well in keeping touch with several people I wouldn't otherwise be able to keep in touch with. And I'm certainly happy for anyone who can on it for short or long amounts of time without becoming more self-absorbed. I know I for one struggle with this if I am on it for too long. And I also hear others struggling in this area as well.

    And in the end I do agree that the problem is not with Facebook. The problem is in my/our hearts. But like many good things, Facebook can become dangerous if we aren't careful. This post was meant to be a reminder to me and to everyone else who can easily get sucked in to creating a virtual image of ourselves, and then hoping in and obsessing over it.