Friday, January 30, 2009

The diversity of Indonesia

The Big Picture recently did a piece on Indonesia:
"Ecologically blessed, economically challenged, vast and diverse, Indonesia is a country of contrasts. made up of 17,500 islands (only about 6,000 of those inhabited). Indonesia is populated by over 230 million people, speaking over 740 different languages and dialects within 300 distinct native ethnic groups - it is the fourth most populous country, after the United States. Impoverished conditions amongst people living in an area so rich with natural resources has also put extreme pressure on the environment, as increased mining and deforestation make more of an impact."
The Joshua Project sheds a little more light on these numbers. They report 768 individual people groups. Out of these, 191 people groups (~54 million people) are reported in the unreached category (less than 2% evangelical Christians). There is still much work to be done.

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  1. actually, i have had the privilege to go to this country and spend time on 2 different islands. i definitely agree about the diversity. but i also want to make sure to tell everyone that although the country is rich with natural resources, because of their location, the deal with SO MANY hardships due to NATURAL DISASTERS...the biggest being earthquakes and floods. its hard to recover from these when you have almost nothing and your house may end up flooding every few years. its a hard problem...and of course that part is uncontrollable.