Monday, November 03, 2008

Coldplay = ...Creed ?

A conversation I'm overhearing right now:
"...Coldplay is just like all these other bands that get their 5 minutes of fame. They'll have a song or two that's popular but will eventually be forgotten. They're really just like the new Creed. Creed had some good stuff back in the 90s, but no one listens to them now."
There is a reason no one listens to Creed any more. And there's a reason that Coldplay has sold 40 million albums over the last 8 years, without any sign of going away soon.


  1. You going to the show on Wednesday?

  2. I still listen to Creed sometimes...

  3. Anonymous11:04 AM

    i'm pretty sure that nickleback would be jealous of coldplay for being the new creed.