Thursday, December 06, 2007

UGA's bowl game

Though the opportunity to play an undefeated Hawaii in a BCS bowl is exciting, most UGA fans are disapointed we didn't get a shot at the title. Here's an article I found from Bert's blog that does a good job of showing some of the inconsistencies of keeping the Bulldogs out of the title game. And even though I grew up a loyal LSU fan being from Louisiana, my alma mater ties still leave my somewhat disappointed.

Here's a teaser:
Georgia got jumped without losing a game or even playing one. LSU was hoisted above the Bulldogs on the dubious strength of a seven-point victory in a game it was favored to win by 7 1/2 points. Georgia was No. 4 in the BCS standings last week — LSU was No. 7 — and two of the top three teams lost. Simple math should have put the Bulldogs in the title game. Turns out the BCS flunked math as well as logic.

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