Monday, December 17, 2007

A great Huckabee response

I think this is a little old, but I thought he was right on.


  1. Yes, I just wish his eyebrows didn't move so much when he talks.

  2. DeGuido - Josh11:24 PM

    His response was unfortunately in vain. Although he seemed as if he was claiming something good, in reality he did not. First and foremost, he never mentioned Christ. Secondly, he said twice that he does not know how long it took God to do these things when the Bible is very clear. So because he mentions "God" in his speech unfortunately means nothing due to the fact that everyone these days believes in a god. However, kudos to him for denying evolution...i guess...

  3. Josh
    Thanks a lot for posting. I really appreciate your response. However, I would like to push back a little a speak to some of the issues that you addressed.

    First, based on other interviews I've seen of Huckabee, where he does mention his faith in Christ, I believe him to be a Christian. And I don't think it was necessary to mention Christ in this situation, because his point was more about mystery surrounding a lot of what God does.

    To your second point, I actually was very glad that he attributed some mystery surrounding creation. Believing in a literal 7 day creation is a great view to hold, but it is one view of a many. Holding this position, you would have to look at the second creation story found in Genesis 2 and would have to try to reconcile the differences.

    I think it's okay to accept a little mystery surrounding things like this. I think of God's response to Job asking Job "Where were you when I created the earth?" The point of that is that we don't know how God does everything and even why he does things.

    And let's suppose he was wrong in what he said, thankfully the interpretation of creation is not a primary issue in being a Christian. And I would not even say it's a secondary issue (maybe more to come on that later),

    Again, I really appreciate your thoughts on the matter and would welcome a response to all of this. I'm most encouraged that you have a desire to know Truth, and that's the best place to be.


  4. deguido - josh4:25 PM

    Hey David thanks for responding...

    However, now I would like to push back if I may...

    I respect Huckabee for claiming Christianity inside of politics. So with that said, I never said he was lost. I believe he is saved, but what needs to be understood is the fact that he claims to be a former baptist pastor, and to say that he doesn't kknow how long it took God to create the world is unacceptable.

    The bible is clear on that topic. The bible says that it was seven days, literal days. The reason i know this is because when you read the creation story, it clearly says that "the evening and day were the first day"...ive taken this class in seminary...evening and day = one day. I think if we claim to be Christians and the bible to be inerrant, we shouldn't say that there are "other interpretations of that"...there is one truth and one interpretation. Everything else is just that...a theory...

    We cannot take the Job scripture out of context. Just because God said "where were you when I created the earth" doesn't mean that he left how many days the creation took an open mystery. He was coming against job's pride, the bible is clear in genesis 1 how long creation took. As far as some second creation you mention in genesis 2, im unfamiliar with that.

    So again, thanks for letting me write on here..till next time

  5. deguido - josh5:34 PM

    ...clarification on my part...

    i know in my post i referred to it as the "7 days of creation" aware that God created the heavens and the earth in 6 days and rested on the 7th...after i read it, it kind of looked like i meant 7 days of creation...however in theological circles...they still refer to it as 7 days...sorry for the confusion

    Thank you!

  6. Josh
    Thanks again for the response. As for the second account of creation, check out Genesis 2 after 2:6. The order is man, plants, then animals. Where in Genesis 1 it is plants, animals, then man.

    First of all, I claim no expertice in this area, but enjoy listening to a wide range of people in trying to figure this stuff out. Tim Keller is one of those voices that I think I most agree with.

    The idea that he and many others believe in is a framework interpretation of creation. It just means that Genesis 1 was not meant to be taken literally but as symbolism. And I'm told that in the Hebrew you see this pretty clearly. And it shows most explicitly the reason for the Sabbath day rest by showing God rested on the seventh day.

    And as for your comments about there being one truth and one interpretation I agree with you. However we don't always know the interpretation. That's why there are very large debates within the church dealing with eschatology, the Lord's Supper, God's hand in salvation, etc. The goal is to read and study the Bible ask God for understanding.

    Again, I'm encouraged that you speak with conviction on this issue, but make sure you are not ignoring other possibilities. There are many other views that you and I haven't even discussed that true Bible believing Christians hold to.

    Thanks again bro for your responses here. I look forward to more.