Monday, February 12, 2007

Anna Nicole

Here's a great reflection on the life and death of the late Anna Nicole Smith. It's a great reminder to me of how deceived we can become into thinking the great American dream will lead to any kind of happiness.

"The fact is that I am not better than Anna Nicole or the men who she stripped for, save the grace of God. What I most desperately needed was forgiveness of sin, for I am all the more a worm, wretched and blind, rotten and wicked. Yet, having become a debtor to mercy and a child of God, it is my privilege to go to the Anna Nicole’s with the love of Christ and say, “Go and sin no more.” It is my lifelong calling to call sinners to repentance who long to be like the Marilyn Monroe’s to long to be like Christ. It is my earnest prayer that, whether in life or in death, Jesus Christ would be on display, that words would be spoken of Him and His great salvation, and that all would be gain because I have treasured Him."

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  1. And the dude's a missionary at the UPS hub in Louisville. How cool is that?