Thursday, July 29, 2010

Who I've Seen in Concert the Most

I really enjoy going to a good concert (You can see my favorite concerts here). I’m going to a few in the next couple months that should be quite epic. And several of them will be my first time seeing the particular band/artist (Arcade Fire, David Gray/Ray LaMontagne, The Avett Brothers).

This got me thinking, “I wonder who I’ve seen in concert the most?” And because I like lists, I decided to make one with every artist I’ve seen at least three times, and then I figured out who I’ve seen the most. Here it is:

Derek Webb (solo) = 7
John Mayer = 7
Caedmon’s Call = 6
Jump, Little Children = 6
Dave Barnes = 6
Nickel Creek = 4
Shane & Shane = 4
MuteMath = 4
Guster = 3
Martin Sexton = 3
Matthew Perryman Jones = 3
Mat Kearney = 3
Ari Hest = 3

(I should also give a special shout out to former roommates Evan McHugh and Nicholas Alan who’ve I’ve probably seen close to 50 times combined.)

So there it is. Counting Derek Webb’s involvement with Caedmon’s, he is the obvious front-runner. I also realized that the times I’ve seen a certain artist doesn’t necessarily correlate to the amount that I like them. Cost and amount of local shows are also big factors.

Now I’m curious. Who have you seen in concert the most? What would your list look like?


  1. Arcade Fire are amazing live.

  2. Jeff Bennett5:33 PM

    Dude I love a good concert. I enjoyed Andrew bird at the cobb energy center and of course coldplay(twice), and even a little blast from hormone-frenzied Dashboard (acoustic & solo of course). I tell you I am in love with cathedrals by jump for sure. Like the blog brother.

  3. ok, finally took a second to tally some of them up...

    john mayer = 19 (and i still may be missing a few!!)
    dave matthews band = 10 (mostly 1998-2001)
    nickel creek = 10 (including 2 nights in a row of their farewell tour at the ryman!!)
    mat kearney = 9
    jump, little children = 7 (including a Jay solo show)
    dave barnes & matt wertz are probably both in the teens b/c of so many mocha club shows

    and honestly this only scratches the surface...i probably have many more that are at-least 5+... i mean, i DO live in music city :)

  4. Wow, that is quite impressive. The Mayer number looks about right. I didn't realize you had seen Nickel Creek and Kearney that many times. Thanks for sharing.