Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Saddened by Westboro Baptist Church

Have you ever heard of this church? Upon first glance, you might believe it to be a farce. But sadly, it is very real.

I ran across this video yesterday on Brett McCracken's blog. It's a short documentary done by the BBC where a journalist spends several days getting to know the people of the church. The video is just under an hour long, but I found every minute of it to be an interesting look at a very confused group of people.

I went through several different emotions while watching the video: anger, disgust, intrigue, shock, disbelief, sadness. It's this last emotion that has stuck with me. I truly am saddened that these people have embraced this message of hate and have missed the fullness of the gospel. And I am saddened that many non-Christians see this and are further turned away from who God really is.

It is true that God hates sin. In this day, many downplay this reality. God is often portrayed only as a God of love that really doesn't think sin is that big of a deal. But sin is a big deal. So much so that God the Father sent His Son to gruesomely die and absorb His wrath towards it. But thankfully there's more to the gospel than this hate.

Consider this logic from Isaiah 30:18 (with a little help from my ESV Study Bible this morning). After 17 verses of a people being portrayed as rebellious, wicked, and stubborn, Isaiah says THEREFORE the LORD waits to be gracious to this very people. Because of their sinfulness, God is waiting to be gracious to them. That's amazing. And that's the gospel that the world needs to hear and I need to hear.


  1. Oh my gosh! I watched the video this afternoon. Absolutely heartbreaking. I honestly could barely stomach it- like it really made my stomach feel so icky, like I might throw up. All I can say is that just as God is working for His good on this earth, the devil is also using his powers for evil, and this church is such an example of that. Man, i just hurt for the families of the soliders they picket. But yet they weren't saying a word- walking with honor and grace- that is beautiful.

    i just hope that most people realize this group is in the fringe and not an accurate represenation of the Christian faith. what a sad, sad story. and the joy and happiness they are missing out on by knowing the forgiveness of Christ.

    PS- on a lighter note, didn't the host look JUST like the verizon guy? maybe it's his british cousin?? ha ha!

  2. Is there any other church of 70 that gets as much press?

    I wish the BBC would have sent someone other than Louis...someone who actually knew some theology and who asked more questions and made fewer petulant assertions. For example, if these people are Calvinists and preaching TULIP (which was printed on a sign in the church, I believe), why don't they have any assurance of salvation? Or what did Paul mean when he said he became all things to all men in order to win some? Or when Jesus was accused of being a friend of sinners, WAS He in fact a friend of sinners? And what IS the Gospel? What is the message of salvation?

    Those would be some starting questions that I would like to hear their answers to...