Saturday, June 27, 2009

Parkman wedding

If I were to get married one day and could model my wedding after any wedding I've ever been to, I think I would model it after my friend Barrett's wedding. He and his new bride Jessa got married last night in the Piedmont Room at Piedmont Park. My friend Matt, as the pastor, did a great job of helping us all see the beautiful picture of the gospel on display through marriage. And the view of the Atlanta skyline was in the background as the couple gleefully took their vows and worshiped God together. The whole thing was a very joyful experience.

The music selection was phenomenal. The procession all occurred to the song Beautiful by Vineyard Music. That's the most of I've ever wanted to get up and dance and sing during a procession. There were a few other great songs during the ceremony itself, one being In Christ Alone, during which Barrett washed Jessa's feet. That was really neat to watch. Then they might have had the coolest, most unique first dance song ever, All I Need by Radiohead.

Here are a few of the pictures from the last two weekends together:

Bachelor party crew up at Lake Chatug in Hiawassee
The happy couple
Old UGA crew from freshman year
Scott and I with Barrett
You can see the rest of the pictures here

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