Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My new iPhone

So, I was finally able to pick it up yesterday. After anxiously awaiting the July 11th release, and then having to order it and wait two weeks to get's finally in my hands. I'm pretty excited at all the new possiblities that lie ahead in my productivity and entertainment with this little device. I spent most of the day yesterday setting everything thing up (which is a ton of fun for me) and getting everything I want on there.

Amidst all the excitement, I also understand some of the dangers ahead. With constant access to the internet, my email, calendar, and other random entertaining things, I can easily let it control my life. And sure enough, this morning I read a great article concerning this very idea by Tim Challies. Here are some of his thoughts:
"It seems to me that, as society continues to move in its current direction, and as we become ever more “wired,” Christians will have to be focused and deliberate about moderating and perhaps removing some of this ever-present background noise. If we are to be thinking people, people who think deeply and deliberately about spiritual matters, we simply cannot allow our lives to be overshadowed by the noise of technology.

Truthfully, I cannot think of anything that distracts us so fully and completely and consistently as technology. For too many of us, technology is a master and not a servant. It is our owner, not our possession. We let it run and rule our lives. We allow technology to determine the course of our lives, taking us where it leads. We determine our schedules with TV Guide in one hand, an iPhone calendar in the other. We invest countless hours in online friendships, many of which are shallow and insignificant, while ignoring people in our local churches and communities. Perhaps while ignoring even our own families.

Technology is a great servant but an evil master. Technology is proof of the greatness of God and something we ought to be thankful for. After all, He is the One who has endowed humans with the ingenuity that makes it all possible..."

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  1. good thoughts...was at the Braves game last night, and Randy pointed out at one point how 4 of the 7 of us were all on our pdas/phones instead of watching the game.

    now, did you read this article via your new iPhone?

  2. thanks for the comment. no, I actually read it the old-fashioned way...on the computer