Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Holiness of God

I finished this book a week ago, and have been stirred up by many of its thoughts. As I mentioned earlier in a previous post, I have needed to be reminded of how holy God really is. I have needed my fear to be shifted from man to God. This book has really helped in that. Here are a few thoughts throughout the book:

Regarding the love of Christ:
“No man was ever more loving than Jesus Christ. Yet even His love provoked men to anger. His love was a perfect love, a transcendent and holy love, but His very love brought trauma to people. This kind of love is so majestic we can’t stand it.”
Regarding the injustice we often ascribe to God:
“If ever a person had room to complain of injustice it was Jesus. He was the only innocent man ever to be punished by God. If we stagger at the wrath of God, let us stagger at the cross.”
Regarding our attitudes of deservingness:
“We are not really surprised that God has redeemed us. Somewhere deep inside, in the secret chamber of our hearts we harbor the notion that God owes us His mercy.”
“We soon forget that with our first sin we have forfeited all rights to the gift of life. That I am drawing breath this morning this morning is an act of divine mercy. God owes me nothing. I owe Him everything.”
Finally regarding the errors of Arminianism:
“I am convinced that with all its virtues Semi-Pelagianism (Arminianism) still represents a theology of compromise with our natural inclinations...Evangelicals today have unconverted sinners who are dead in trespasses and sin bringing themselves to life by choosing to be born again...The failure of modern evangelicalism is the failure to understand the holiness of God. If that one point were grasped, there would be no more talk of mortal enemies of Christ coming to Jesus by their own power.”

And the coolest part about all this is found in this powerful verse:
"For thus says the One who is high and lifted up, who inhabits eternity, whose name is Holy: 'I dwell in the high and holy place, and also with him who is of a contrite and a lowly spirit.'" - Isaiah 58:15

He dwells with us if we realize how unworthy we are!! Be fearful and be encouraged.


  1. Awesome book. Just finished it around Christmas time. Check out Jerry Bridges "The Joy of Fearing God"....they both speak of the holiness of God a lot and do an amazing job. I'm Brad's friend who met you the other week at The Gathering.