Monday, July 09, 2007

Multiplying Churches

I ran across this poll and article Friday (thanks Arnold and Erik). It's encouraging to read because I attended West Ridge Church (#16) a couple years ago after college. And I attend Perimeter Church (#4) now. Also, I have been keeping with with Redeemer (#1) and Mars Hill (#2) for some time now, listening to both of their pastors whenever I can.

I'm encouraged because it's exciting to be a part of discipleship and multiplication. I feel very privileged to be surrounded by churches that understand the Great Commission to go and make disciples. They aren't focused having the biggest sanctuary to fit the most amount of people. They are focused on building communities that love Jesus Christ and allowing them to be salt and light where they live.

I also thought this post was interesting, because it points out the inaccuracy of believing that Calvinists do not care about evangelism.


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  2. Gosh, David, I didn't realize you had influenced so many churches. What they all seem to have in common is YOU.

  3. d willy is the man, my house will be on the list next year.

  4. dude i will finally post on my blog today....I'll give you a heads will involve my thoughts on zombies, blogging and you! look for it. peace