Thursday, May 17, 2007


I've been wrestling with some things lately. I don't like insincerity in my own life. I believe that Truth about life should grip one's heart. And because of that, we should desire to share with others this Truth. But what happens when you believe something to be true, but lack passion and zeal? Should you still express this Truth to others? Does that make you insincere?

I was encouraged by a brother today to continue in obedience to Truth, even when my heart isn't quite there. I know God is Truth and that His Word is Truth. I'm just not always passionate about it. But I will press on to take hold of Him who has already taken hold of me.

Also this quote from Henry Scougal's The Life of God in the Soul of Man helped me understand this recently.
...nor need we fear the imputation of hypocrisy, though our actions do thus somewhat out-run our affections, seeing they do still proceed from a sense of our duty; and our design is not to appear better than we are, but that we may really become so


  1. I used to have this mindset of "well, if I don't feel like looking into scripture or praying, then I'm not gonna do it because why would God want someone to come to him who's not excited about it?" Somewhere along the way I realized that just makes me a slave to my emotions and feelings of excitement or passion and stuff.

    God always desires to set us free. So really finding freedom in drawing close to God NO MATTER WHAT--no matter how I feel, what I've done, what someone says, what's going on, etc.--is the real deal of worshiping God.

    In short, I agree with that Scougal quote. Good thoughts all around.