Sunday, April 15, 2007

80s party

Friday night we had a rad 80s theme birthday party for a friend named Kara. Here's a few pics

I thought Dan (far left) had the best costume of the night. He carried that fake cigarette and guitar with him everywhere

The Lescher's (middle) provided the house. And Kara (right) was the BD girl herself with some great hair crimps.

Here's a great shot of the 'Members only' crew. I seriously had about five different people offer me money for this jacket throughout the night. Sorry guys, you're just not cool enough to be a part of the crew.

Here's a great pic of my sister and I. She of course is sporting the heavy eye makeup and side ponytail. And on top of the 'Members only' jacket,' I've got a pair of jean shorts on that are illegal in most states (except of course Florida).

Tennis anyone?


  1. i'm seriously considering wearing my Member's Only on a more regular basis...

  2. So that's what Dan looks like with hair.